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We’re Billie – a beauty brand delivering a new kind of routine that is unfussy, hardworking, and completely clean. Like it should be.

We launched in 2017 as a razor brand for womankind in a maledominated industry. We’ve had candid conversations about female body hair and we’ve worked hard to deliver top shelf shave and body products, without the pink tax (or scary price tag).

We are committed to building an inclusive team at Billie with diverse perspectives. We are passionate about the fight for racial justice and don’t tolerate racism of any kind. We ask that our employees, partners and yes, even our customers uphold these values as well.

Our new office is located in SoHo and open to all team members at a limited capacity. Designed to be a peaceful space, perfect for escaping your WFH setup if and when you want to. We leave it to you to decide where you want to work.