Razor Starter Kit


Malibu Magnetic Holder floating above a Refill Blade
Malibu razor handle

Razor Starter Kit


We'll deliver four refill blades for $9 as often as you need them.

Let's get started

Meet our award-winning razor

The razor that made everyone start talking about razors. It’s won countless awards including Allure Best of Beauty, Nylon’s Beauty Hit List, and Bustle’s Most Wanted Life Upgrade.

The Starter Kit comes with two blades and a magic (magnetic) holder to keep your razor stored on your shower wall when you’re not using it and out of the shower puddle. Change, delay, or cancel your shipments at any time. (But you probably won’t want to).

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  • model shaving their armpit
  • Periwinkle handle leaning on soap in front of a knitted phone case with a pair of sunglasses on top next to a bottle of Body Wash laying on its side
  • Blush Handle surrounded by a green glow stick and fruit
  • periwinkle Handle near a flower hair clip and a pair of glasses

The best bits – broken down:

  • 5 super sharp blades

    Nickel-free. Rust-free. Precision-sharpened. Made in America.

  • Charcoal shave soap

    360º of comfy shave soap to create a pillow between the blades and your body. The only razor with charcoal to give you a little deep clean moment with every swipe.

  • Magic holder

    The only razor with her own magnetic throne. Bye bye suction cups – your razor will never end up in the shower puddle again.

  • Ergonomic handle

    Made with a matte rubber back so it never slips in the shower.

One swipe for ultra smooth skin.

Oooh, it’s magic.

Our magic holder keeps your razor pristine in-between shaves. Keep it safe and sound above the shower puddle.

model taking different colored handles off of different colored magnetic holders
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