The best bits – broken down:

  • 5 sharp blades

    For a close, smooth shave. Nickel-free. Designed for sensitive skin.


    360º of comfy aloe moisturizer creates a pillow between the blades and your body for a gentle shave every time.

  • Magic holder

    A magnetic throne for your razor. Effortlessly floats on your shower wall so your blades stay far above the shower puddle.

  • Ergonomic handle

    Made with a matte rubber back so it doesn’t slip in the shower. You’re welcome.

Ultra Smooooth Blades

Oooh, it’s magic

Our magic holder keeps your razor pristine in-between shaves. Keep it safe and sound above the shower puddle.

Animation showing hands attaching different colored Billie razors to their magnetic holder on a shower wall
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